Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still laughing...

First off, I know I'm really good at keeping up on this blog of mine, so there's no need to tell me, thanks.

But now that over a month has gone by, I feel the need to keep the masses informed that Henry is still cracking up. It seems like the prospect of getting his face eaten up by larger life forms is a favorite catalyst to laughter, as you'll see here:

On the flip side, he really hates it when I make him roll over on the floor, which is what we were about to do when I shot that video of him. I'm pretty sure that Henry the Tank would be perfectly content to never learn how to move around on his own if I let him get away with it. Which I don't, so we've been practicing our rolling-over skills, much to his dismay. I mean, come on...he's nearly 5 months old already!

He'll be running up the side of snow-capped mountains in Russia with a giant railroad log across his shoulders in no time, Rocky IV style...

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  1. Oh, I think he is more interested in that camera!

    ps. blogger is set up now so spam goes to a spam box. You could get rid of the word verification to make my life eaisier, if you wanted!