Thursday, January 20, 2011

Henry's Neighborhood

Here's a not-so-awesome-completely-unedited video from Henry's 'hood. I thought this was going to turn out way better than it did, but the rain, snow, umbrella, shopping bag, baby, wind, puddles all kind of got in the way of me realizing that half the video is of the umbrella pole whacking Henry in the face.

But if you've read this far, I'll bet you're still going to watch the video, regardless. This is real life, people! In Queens, no less!

Still laughing...

First off, I know I'm really good at keeping up on this blog of mine, so there's no need to tell me, thanks.

But now that over a month has gone by, I feel the need to keep the masses informed that Henry is still cracking up. It seems like the prospect of getting his face eaten up by larger life forms is a favorite catalyst to laughter, as you'll see here:

On the flip side, he really hates it when I make him roll over on the floor, which is what we were about to do when I shot that video of him. I'm pretty sure that Henry the Tank would be perfectly content to never learn how to move around on his own if I let him get away with it. Which I don't, so we've been practicing our rolling-over skills, much to his dismay. I mean, come on...he's nearly 5 months old already!

He'll be running up the side of snow-capped mountains in Russia with a giant railroad log across his shoulders in no time, Rocky IV style...