Monday, December 13, 2010

Henry's got a real laugh

Ok, so the boy has been smiling accompanied by sharp intakes of breath that resemble a laugh for some time now, but it wasn't until yesterday that he perfected the art of laughing. So far, he has only laughed for Hank, and that's cool because that means I get to enjoy the show. The sound of his laughter is probably THE most joyous thing I've yet experienced in my life, and I'm including the day he was born in there, because the day he was born was painful, gross, traumatic...

Sorry about that.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, Henry's laughter. It makes my heart jump for joy. And here's a little video documenting his 2nd time really laughing. It's sideways, and has a bit of footage of Henry not quite laughing,but rather being distracted by the phone that was filming him, but it's worth watching.



  1. what a perfect sound for a baby to learn...laughter, not sorrow and tears.

  2. love it! the first baby laughs are unbelievable aren't they!!

  3. ooh, I can't wait to meet you, Henry!!