Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Henry Finds Himself!

At seven weeks old, Henry's a smart (and large) cookie. In the past couple of days, his alertness seems to have increased exponentially. An example:

We have one mirror in the house, and that's in the bathroom, so Henry really doesn't see his reflection a lot. Probably at two weeks old, I put him up to the mirror and got excited when his head was facing anywhere near the mirror. This morning, however, I held him up to the mirror and his face lit up! I mean, he was really going to town with his reflection!

I realize these photos don't really show him looking at himself, but I swear it happened. However, once the camera came out, he kind of stopped looking at himself and started staring at the black rectangle I was working so hard to maneuver into a decent shot. So, in the immortal words of Connor, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

We're so lucky to get Henry.

Happy 7th week birthday, Henry!


  1. Happy Birthday Henry! I loved it when Guy did that too...You should get one of those little mirror toys that you hang in the crib...Guy used to "talk" to himself in the mirror all the time while in the bouncey chair. I think that's partially why he was so verbal so early.

  2. Happy birthday, Henry! You are too cute.

  3. Adorable. But be sure to take real camera photos...better resolution even than the iPhone 4 with a 5mp camera.