Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adventures With Henry

Henry spits up a lot.

Henry creates a lot of extra laundry.

See Henry help with the laundry.

Apartment life is so fun!


  1. Love his new "comfy lounge" style ala puffy laundry basket...what a boy! Oh, and of course...what a MOM!

  2. Michael was wondering why he sleeps in a bucket and if he's going to sleep in the bucket until he gets a real bed. I explained that his parents actually don't know any better and that sometimes they put him on the stoop or next to the hawk's nest to be babysat.

    I explained to him who Henry is, that he's "uncle Hank's little boy and your new cousin". He sat thinking deeply for a bit and then said, "I want to ask him if he likes to wrestle. I'll only punch him softly since he's still a baby."...a lot of love from this boy already.