Monday, February 14, 2011

Toilet Paper, Cheesecloth, and Diapers

Toilet Paper. Cheesecloth. Diapers. Today, these powers combined to create one heckofa cupid.

Being the kept woman that I am these days, any gift I have to give Hank really is coming out of his cash stash, so I decided to up the ante by creating this little scene:

It really helped make the presentation of my "gift" to Hank more of a momentous occasion than what it otherwise would have been, which was a massage, paid for by his hard-earned money.

Henry is such a good sport. He woke up early out of his nap, let me strip his warm clothes off, gurgled at me as I wound stuff around his toes (which he hates to have touched), only spit up once on the props, and managed to look super cute as he tried to poke his own eye out with his bow and arrows.

(In case it's not obvious, those white blobs at the bottom are clouds, and the sticks are his arrow quiver-quiver of arrows?)

Happy Valentine's Day, everrbody!


  1. so incredible. it was the best part of the gift, i am sure...and i've been a kept woman all my married life....lemme at the cash stash!

  2. I am glad that you did this while he was awake and not asleep...something about the ones where the woman did this when the baby was napping is kind of disturbing to me...seem like a violation of some unwritten baby law.