Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Science of Speech

Henry is growing up, and it's awesome. I usually torture his eardrums every night before I put him to sleep by singing to him, and he's humored me through it all like a good boy. A couple of weeks ago, he started this thing where he'll throw a fit, and then conk out in the middle of it, provided I hold him tight enough through it all. The fit-throwing included screaming.

Last night was different. Last night, in place of the fit, in place of screams, he made these proto-speech noises in time with my proto-singing-in-tune noises.

It was FABBB-U-LOUS! I loved it, although to the "untrained" ear, I'm sure it sounded just horrible...

And then there is the issue of Henry speaking in complete, coherent sentences. I could swear it happened, and though in retrospect, I see that it happened while I was dreaming, it still was amazing. He was telling me secrets to the universe and laughing and for the first 5 hours after it happened, I would have put money on it that he really did talk to me and that it was no dream.

One more for the road:

He found his thumb. Big Time. Although it's not accurate enough to say he found his thumb--Homeboy found his entire hand, and seems to be favoring his palm the most.

I heard some loud smacking sounds after Hank came home last night, and upon investigation, discovered that they belonged not to Hank as part of his daily ritual of kissing the crap out of Henry's face, but to Henry himself as he sucked on his hand.

So for your viewing pleasure, I present...

Henry Sucks His Hand

(No auto-tune necessary)

Long Live Henry!


  1. he is so adorable. and boy does he love that hand! what did you put on it to make him smack his lips so much?

  2. and how do you know it was a dream? Have you heard the phrase Out of the Mouths of babes..it's biblical. I think he is going to be brilliant and he's sharing this with you know so you won't be taken by surprise.

  3. What a cutie...I'm totally on board with your dreaming theory! Guy did that before he was born, spoke in complete sentences...and I can remember each kid having a moment where they said something...either "Thank you" (Guy), "I love you" (Scarlett)and Autumn always spoke with her eyes.

  4. jocelyn: "what do my eyes tell you?"

    name that movie?